FINALLY a place to make sense of all this madness. Please come confused and leave with clarity.

Ok im starting this whole thing off with somewhat of a disclaimer.....

*I am not a proffesional in any sort, with any type of degree or training to handle the types of situations that may come up on this blog. BUT I feel like I have had enough real life scenarios played out in my own life where either I or my friends can give some sort of input into the inner working's of the average BABY SQUIRREL*

Soo let the games begin, I want to hear it all, this is an open arena for anything to do with the #1 issue on most guy's minds....Women, ladies, girls, girlfriends, friends that are girl's, ex's, best friends that happen to be girls :), new one's, and most importanly the BABY SQUIRREL's in this world. The special one that you cant really even begin where to start with.

As much as this is here to help the fellow man I have a feeling this could very well help the ladies see into the minds of how truly lost we are as men in this dating game called life.

I want this to be beneficial to both sides.

Clear the table and lets hear it...."WITH KNOWLEDGE COMES CLARITY"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FIrst Post.....

Well i suppose since no one knows about this yet I would like to make the first post...
I hope that many people come here and see other people's issues, problems, queries, and leave with answers or at least a better grasp of what is going with there particualar BABY SQUIRREL!